Uphill Conf – The boutique community conference

Learn about the latest trends in frontend web technologies in an inspiring, open environment. Meet and connect with our speakers and other like-minded, passionate developers.

Bern, Switzerland 2. & 3.May 2019

Inspiring talks

Catch up with the latest trends in frontend development and get inspired by our amazing talks. Uphill conference offers the right mix between current and upcoming technologies, always lending a peek into the future.

Greatest speakers

Uphill conference hosts world class speakers from famous companies like Netflix, Google and Microsoft. Our international speakers are experts in their fields and are also experienced speakers. Only the best is good enough for you.

Meet and connect

We believe having great talks is not enough. Meet our speakers in person and connect with other members of the community. We want to build communities and this is your chance to become a part!

Beautiful venue

Enjoy the cable car ride to the top of beautiful Mount Gurten where the conference takes place. The Gurten Pavillon is a modern glass building with an amazing view over the city of Bern and only a 5 min walk away from a great panorama of the Alps.


Our workshops on the day before the conference (2.5.2019) offer a deep insight into the topics of the conference. Our international workshop organisers have a lot of experience and are great teachers.


Our lounge area allows you to relax between the talks and meet our speakers face-to-face. Smaller events like fireside chats or ``ask me anything`` sessions will be hosted in this area as well.

Meet our passionate speakers and trainers

Get inspired by our passionate speakers and learn about the latest trends in frontend web technologies

Jay Phelps
This Dot Co-founder

Reactive programming nut and compiler enthusiast. Jay is the Chief Software Architect at This Dot, where they provide support, training, mentoring, and software design. Previously a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Lover of all things open source, his contributions span numerous ecosystems. RxJS core team member and author of core-decorators, git-blame-someone-else, and co-author of redux-observable.

Jay Phelps
This Dot Co-founder
Dominic Elm
Angular trainer | Thoughtram.io

Dominic is a graduate in computer science and is passionate about many web technologies including Angular, Firebase, and ReactiveX. He has always been enthusiastic about teaching. In fact, Dominic devoted his thesis on the topic of enterprise gamification making the the process of sharing and learning within companies fun and enjoyable for everyone. At the moment he's a Trainer at thoughtram providing Angular trainings worldwide.

Dominic Elm
Angular trainer | Thoughtram.io
Jonas Bandi
Enthusiastic Software Professional

Jonas Bandi is a freelance developer, consultant and trainer. His current passion lies in bringing modern frontend development to traditional enterprise projects.
Coming from a Java & .NET background he is now primarily working with JavaScript, Angular & React. Jonas is currently building the web-stack for a leading wholesale supply company in Switzerland.
In the past years he shared his knowledge in dozens of in-house workshops at companies all over Switzerland. Jonas is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Bern.

Jonas Bandi
Enthusiastic Software Professional


Gurten - Park im Grünen
3084 Wabern


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