Uphill Conf is cancelled


At the moment we are experiencing special times. What seemed impossible just a year ago has become reality and unfortunately almost part of our daily life. We all have to adapt to the new situation and make the best of it.
In spring everything was prepared for the conference: All speakers were invited, the agenda was set, many tickets were sold – and then there was Corona. At that time, like many others, we underestimated the impact of Corona and postponed the conference. We hoped that the situation would calm down quickly and that the conference could be held in October. Today we no longer believe that. After much consideration we decided this week to cancel the conference and not to organise a conference next year either.

These were our motives

Almost all our speakers come from abroad. In the current situation it is impossible to predict how the entry conditions will develop in the future. Understandably, some speakers are also concerned about making binding commitments. This makes it impossible for us to put together an agenda.
With the pavilion on the Gurten we have a fantastic location for our conference. But space is limited. In coordination with the Gurten, we could not find a conference concept that would guarantee the safety of all participants, make financial sense and meet the demands of the conference.
Planning uncertainty
Our planning for Uphill Conf begins about 3/4 years before the conference. In the current situation, with laws and regulations that are constantly changing, it is impossible for us to plan a conference without risking major financial losses. We think that the situation will not have been resolved by next year and that planning uncertainty will still be there.


Because of our fantastic sponsors and partners, we can pay back the full ticket amount. All information and the instruction how to get your money will be send via email to you.

If you have not received an email, please contact us at info@uphillconf.com


We are very sorry to inform you about the cancellation of the conference and hope for your understanding. We hope that soon calmer times will come and we can welcome you again at a future event.


Best regards,
The Uphill Conf Team


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