Building a new offline-first PWA using Amplify DataStore and Angular 9

Your coach Gerard Sans

Gerard is a Developer Advocate at AWS. He is very excited about the future of the Web and JavaScript. Always happy Computer Science Engineer and humble Angular GDE. He loves to share his learnings by giving talks, trainings and writing about cool technologies. He loves running GraphQL London and GraphQL San Francisco, mentoring students and giving back to the community.

About the course

During this training you will build a cloud-enabled offline-first Progressive Web App (PWA) that can seamlessly transition from online to offline while providing a great user experience. We will be specially looking at new Angular 9 features supporting PWAs and offline-first apps.

Offline-first apps need to support: intermittent connectivity, transition seamlessly between online and offline states, reliable CRUD on-device data, data synchronisation and data conflict resolution to enable real-time collaboration. Amplify DataStore is an on device persistent repository for interacting with local data and able to automatically synchronize via GraphQL. Using Amplify DataStore will allow us to implement offline-first while using a simple programming model.

We will be using AWS Amplify to release the final app to the cloud. AWS Amplify makes developing, releasing and operating modern fullstack serverless apps easy and delightful.

Date & time

23. April 2020, 09:00-17:00

What you will learn

  • Introduction to AWS Amplify
  • Offline-first PWAs using Angular: online-only vs cached vs offline-first
  • What’s new for PWAs in Angular v9
  • Introduction to Amplify DataStore and AWS AppSync
  • Data model design using GraphQL types and relationships
  • On-device Data Management: queries, predicates, mutations
  • Data synchronisation and conflict resolution
  • Adding real-time collaboration via GraphQL subscriptions
  • Deploying to the cloud


  • Bring your own laptop, fully charged, and a rested mind.
  • Create a new AWS account and activate a year free plan, follow the steps from AWS knowledge center
  • Install latest version of Node (+13.7)
  • Install latest Angular CLI (+9)

Target Audience

Basic to Intermediate understanding of Angular and GraphQL.
You are curious about building PWAs using Angular v9 in the cloud. You are also curious about learning new features and modern tooling.