James Henry

Chief Engineer Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank, 2x Microsoft MVP for TypeScript

Part of the Angular Avengers at Nrwl, James loves helping other developers do their best work!

At Nrwl, he leverages his expert knowledge of Angular to help the biggest enterprises on the planet provide maximum value for their clients.

James is a prolific open-source contributor: he built TypeScript support into Prettier, is an ESLint Core Team alum and works directly with the TypeScript Team to support TypeScript within Babel.
Microsoft awarded James the title of Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for his contributions to the TypeScript ecosystem.

He is currently a digital nomad living and working all over the world.


How TypeScript makes your development teams better

In this talk we will explore the various ways in which adopting TypeScript on your frontend and JavaScript powered server-side products makes your development teams better.
From higher quality releases, to code which is better documented and more maintainable in the long-term, to freeing up the brainpower of your Senior Engineers to think beyond syntax errors, the positive potential from adopting TypeScript in your enterprise is huge