Angular Reactive Forms

Your coach Tomas Trajan

Tomas Trajan is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web technologies.

He is currently working as a consultant and Angular trainer with Swiss based enterprise organizations where he strives to provide a lot of value by empowering developer teams, sharing know-how and leveraging large network of experts and core contributors.

About the course

Forms represent one of the most important parts of almost all frontend applications. From a single input field to a multi step wizards, forms enable two way communication with the users by providing them with a way to submit many different kinds of data! Angular provides us with tools to build amazing reactive forms out of the box!

In this workshop we're going on a journey to understand and build real-life reactive forms. We will learn about the basic building blocks like FormControl (Group, Array, ...), basic interactions like submission, resetting and form validation. Then we will dive deeper into topics like nested forms, dynamic forms and dependent form fields!

You can make the best of this workshop if you are already comfortable with Angular and have some basic understanding of working with RxJs stream.

Date & time

23. April 2020, 09:00-17:00